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General Questions

What’s with this age verification thing?

Sorry, it’s the law. You need to be 21+ to buy or use tobacco products. Which means you must be 21+ to sign up for our website.   

The email sign up isn’t working.

We use a 3rd party to verify the info you give us. Sometimes the data can get a little stale, unlike our products. Try using an old address or maiden name. That will usually fix it. If not, click to submit a request and choose “Age Verification” and we’ll get you added. 

What’s in it for me if I sign up for email?

You’ll be on the short list to hear about special offers, retail promotions and sweepstakes. It’s free to sign up and you can opt out anytime.

Do you guys sell my information to anyone?

Hard no. We don’t sell, rent, transmit or share your info with anyone else. Ever.

I have a quality issue. Who can I talk to?

Our bad. Click to submit a ticket and we’ll fix it.

Where can I find Kayak?

Check the Store Locator on our site to find the closest store that carries Kayak. If your go-to store doesn’t carry it, tell them to get on that. Still struggling? Click to submit a request and we’ll help.

If Kayak is the Dip of Champions, does that mean all other dips are for losers?

We wouldn’t use those exact words.

Are there more flavorful dips out there?

Not even close. No other competitors beat our American grown moist snuff.

I have another question...

For any other questions, click Submit a Request and we will get back to you.

For any other questions, click Submit a Request and we’ll get back to you.